Suika Game: Fit Cats

Suika Game: Fit Cats



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Introduction Suika Game: Fit Cats

Get ready for a purr-fectly delightful twist on the classic Suika Game with Fit Cat! In this adorable version, the stage is set for a feline frenzy where cats take center stage. Embrace the cuteness as you throw cats of different sizes into the box, creating an entertaining fusion experience. Can you master the art of merging cats, unlocking new levels, and achieving the highest scores? Dive into the charming world of "Fit Cat" and let the feline fusion fun begin!


  • The gameplay of Fit Cat is both simple and charming, offering an engaging experience for players of all ages. Follow these steps to immerse yourself in the delightful world of merging cats:
  • Cat Fusion: Your mission is to throw cats of different sizes into the box. Watch as two cats of the same size touch and magically merge into an even bigger cat. It's a fusion fiesta filled with feline fun!
  • Merge Strategy: Experiment with your throwing skills to create strategic merges. The more cats you successfully merge, the higher your score climbs. Can you achieve the ultimate fusion and unlock new surprises?
  • Avoid the Cat Drop: Be cautious! If a cat falls out of the box, the game comes to an end. Keep those cats snug inside the box to extend your gameplay and discover all the charming cat combinations.
  • Mouse Assistance: A helpful mouse appears around the game, ready to assist. Use the mouse strategically to remove any cat from the box, adding an extra layer of decision-making to the gameplay.
  • Unlock All Cats: Challenge yourself to unlock all the adorable cats in the game. Each cat brings its own unique charm to the fusion experience. Can you collect them all?


  • Adorable Cat Characters: Immerse yourself in a world filled with charming cats of various sizes and colors. Enjoy the cuteness as you witness the merging magic.
  • Strategic Merging: Hone your throwing skills and strategic thinking to create the perfect merges. The fusion of cats is not only entertaining but also rewarding!
  • Mouse Assistance: Utilize the helpful mouse to strategically remove cats from the box. Make decisions wisely to optimize your gameplay.
  • Unlockable Surprises: Challenge yourself to unlock all the cats in the game. Each unlockable cat adds a delightful surprise to your feline fusion adventure.


Using Mouse.


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