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Introduction Merge Shapes

Merge Shapes is an engaging and innovative puzzle game where players connect similar tiles to evolve them through various stages. Each shape can evolve from an outline to a cutout and finally to a colorful shape. Once a tile evolves into a colorful shape, it is collected. The objective is to keep an eye on the goals and collect all the required items to complete each level. This game combines strategic planning with the satisfaction of watching shapes transform, offering a unique and enjoyable puzzle experience.

Game Mechanics and Rules

The mechanics of Merge Shapes are straightforward yet provide depth and challenge. The game board consists of various tiles, each displaying different shapes in different stages of evolution. Players connect identical tiles to evolve them to the next stage. The evolution process includes three stages:

  • Outline: The initial form of a shape, which is a simple line drawing.
  • Cutout: The shape becomes a filled-in silhouette.
  • Colorful Shape: The final, fully evolved form, which is colorful and vibrant.
  • To connect tiles, players can tap and drag to form chains of identical shapes. The longer the chain, the more quickly shapes evolve. Once a shape evolves into its colorful form, it is collected. Each level has specific goals, such as collecting a certain number of colorful shapes or evolving a certain number of tiles. Players must complete these objectives to advance to the next level.

Key Features

Merge Shapes boasts several key features that enhance its gameplay and appeal:

  • Evolutionary Gameplay: The unique mechanic of evolving shapes through stages adds depth and satisfaction to the puzzle-solving experience. Watching shapes transform from outlines to colorful designs is visually rewarding.
  • Challenging Objectives: Each level presents specific goals, requiring players to strategize their moves carefully. Whether it’s collecting a certain number of colorful shapes or evolving a specific type of shape, these objectives keep the gameplay engaging and dynamic.
  • Power-ups and Boosters: To assist players in achieving their goals, Merge Shapes offers various power-ups and boosters. These can help clear difficult tiles, speed up the evolution process, or provide other strategic advantages.


Using Mouse.

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