Suika Game: Country Balls

Suika Game: Country Balls



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Introduction Suika Game: Country Balls

Embark on a unique and addictive journey inspired by the renowned game 2048 with Country Balls! This game introduces a novel twist, transforming small sphere-shaped pieces into countries of grand proportions. Test your strategic skills, observe the board carefully, and navigate through the challenges of the sphere evolution. Can you conquer the physics-based puzzles and merge your way to the largest countries on the stage? Get ready for an immersive and entertaining experience that combines patience, precision, and the joy of seeing nations evolve before your eyes!


Country Balls offers a dynamic and engaging gameplay experience that merges strategic thinking with the joy of watching countries expand. Follow these steps to dive into the sphere evolution challenge:

  • Sphere Evolution: Your objective is to combine small sphere-shaped pieces, evolving them into countries with larger extensions. As you merge spheres, witness the transformation and growth of nations on the stage.
  • Physics-Based Challenges: Keep a keen eye on the board, and be aware that the laws of physics may not always work in your favor. Navigate through challenges and avoid reaching the highest part of the stage, preventing an overflow of spheres.
  • Strategic Merging: Plan your moves strategically to maximize the merging potential. Consider the placement of spheres and anticipate the evolution of countries as you progress through the game.
  • Patience and Precision: Test your patience and aim as you work towards beating high score records. Enjoy the relaxing yet challenging experience of merging spheres into expansive countries.
  • Score Records: Challenge yourself to surpass your previous score records and achieve the highest level of sphere evolution. Each successful merge brings you closer to mastering the art of expanding countries.


  • Unique Sphere Evolution: Experience the thrill of merging small spheres into countries, witnessing their growth and expansion on the stage.
  • Physics-Based Puzzles: Navigate through challenges that incorporate the laws of physics. Adapt your strategy to overcome obstacles and avoid sphere overflow.
  • Strategic Thinking: Plan your moves carefully to optimize sphere merging and unlock the potential for creating larger countries.
  • Relaxing Gameplay: Immerse yourself in a game that combines relaxation with a touch of challenge. Enjoy the satisfaction of watching countries evolve before your eyes.
  • High Score Challenge: Compete against yourself and aim to beat high score records. Test your patience and precision in the sphere evolution challenge.


Using Mouse.


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