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Introduction Ado Watermelon Game

The gaming world has been swept away by the irresistible charm of the Ado Watermelon Game, a Japanese puzzle sensation that combines falling and merging puzzle elements in a unique and captivating way. Developed by Aladdin X, this game has garnered attention from gamers worldwide, offering an addictive and innovative experience. Initially inspired by the Chinese browser game "Synthetic Big Watermelon," the game took its own identity upon its release on the Nintendo eShop in Japan on December 9, 2021. Let's delve into the phenomenon that is the Ado Watermelon Game.

Origin and Evolution

The roots of the Ado Watermelon Game trace back to the concept of "Synthetic Big Watermelon," a Chinese browser game. However, it was Aladdin X's creative vision and expertise that transformed this idea into a global sensation. Released on the Nintendo eShop in Japan, the game quickly evolved into a phenomenon that transcended borders.

Deceptively Simple, Incredibly Addictive

At the heart of the Watermelon Game's appeal lies its deceptively simple yet highly addictive gameplay. Players are tasked with the challenging objective of dropping and stacking an assortment of fruits into a designated box. The magic happens as the fruits interact within the container, rolling and shifting dynamically. This intricacy adds an extra layer of engagement, making every move a delightful puzzle to solve.

Global Release and Recognition

With its Nintendo eShop release in Japan, the Watermelon Game transcended cultural boundaries and gained global recognition. Gamers worldwide were quick to embrace its unique blend of puzzle elements, and the game's popularity soared, solidifying its place as a global gaming sensation.

Aladdin X, the mastermind behind the Watermelon Game, showcased exceptional creativity and innovation in crafting this puzzle masterpiece. The game stands as a testament to the developer's ability to take inspiration and turn it into a unique, globally acclaimed gaming experience.


The gameplay is not just about dropping fruits; it's a showcase of physics in play. The fruits respond to each other and the container's dynamics, creating a visually stimulating and challenging experience. As players strategize their moves, they navigate through the game's physics, adding an element of skill and precision to the puzzle-solving adventure.


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